Warehouse Partnership in Belgium


Profitability of the Project: When the warehouse starts operating at full capacity, a minimum income of €20,000 per month (€25,000 if the optional part is included) will be generated from 4000 square meters. In addition to this income, “Fulfillment” services and additional service (truck unloading/loading, international packaging/shipping/transport will also be generated. Incentive payment to be obtained from Turkey (covers 60-70% of the warehouse rental cost)

Description of the Project: It has an indoor area of 1450 square meters with a shelf system and an optional area of 5000 square meters of usage area. It is planned to provide square meter-based storage area services for companies and individuals. “fulfillment” for both wholesale and online sellers; storage/packaging/labeling/cargo/package retrieval service” will be provided. It is also planned to be a load unloading, shipping and transfer center for international companies. More than one option will be offered to customers by agreeing with shipping companies. 2 months rent and deposit of this warehouse has been paid. (Monthly rent € 3.985 / VAT included total expense € 5.250) Expenditures to be made on the current warehouse; shelf system, prefabricated office and in-office expenses, forklift & pallet truck and loading ramp. Warehouse service fee starting from €5 per square meter and additional services (“fulfillment, unloading/loading, cargo collection and distribution logistics services…etc”) revenue is planned.


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