Water Source and Water Factory in Belgium


Almost all water resources in Europe are owned by the state. Because water resources are valuable, states have taken them under their own control. However, the water supply here will not belong to the state, but to the person who will buy it. The person who bought this enterprise 15 years ago is renovating this factory at a cost of about € 12,000,000. This factory does not only produce water. In addition to water, carbonated drinks (Mecca Kola) are also produced. Currently, 1 technician, 2 chemists and 12 workers are working in this factory. A total of 15,000 bottles of water are produced per hour at this facility. The bottles are produced in this factory, the bottles are filled and packed. In October, the second machine is connected to the system for soda or acidic drinks. The sale price is lower than the land valuation price. The water supply is invaluable because the source is constantly flowing. There is a chance to sell water and carbonated / non-carbonated drinks all over the world. If the investor wants, he can buy this place and run it himself. Or he could buy this place and get help from Wocopa to run it. Another method is for the investor to pay a small amount of money to this business and to submit a letter of guarantee by Wocopa’s partner in the UK and to ensure that this partner becomes a partner in the business. The remaining amount is completed by Wocopa with loans, and a 3-part partnership can be established.

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