47 Flats Construction Project in Belgium


There is a land value of € 950,000. Construction is planned on an area of 3500 square meters. The cost per square meter ranges from € 800 to € 1200. After the project is completed, the sales price per square meter is envisaged as a minimum of € 2000. (Minimum sale price of all flats over 3500 square meters is € 7.000.000) This project will be able to be sold to the company whose construction will be undertaken at a determined amount. Or; It will be possible to be a partner in this construction project. In case of partnership; By establishing a joint company, project-based partnership and giving the land owner a profit partnership, it is possible to be included in this project without paying the price of the land. 50% of the profit obtained at the end of the project will be left to the contractor company.

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